Trying My Luck With Pothole Pizza

Taking a gamble on a new frozen pizza gives me equal parts excitement and equal parts anxiety. Especially when rolling the dice means having to chalk up $8-$10 for one of those up-and-coming “craft” pizzas that are flooding the freezer sections.

To be clear, I’m in no way complaining about the deluge of those “craft” frozens that are taking the Midwest supermarkets by storm. I’m grateful the likes of Lotzza Motzza, Screaming Sicilian and Outsiders Pizza Company are elevating the frozen pizza game by adding more cheese and more toppings than ever before.

But, you’ve got to pay a premium to taste those premium offerings and with the multitude of new options that are begging to be had it can start to hurt the pocket book. And now, it appears, I not only need to watch my wallet at the grocery store, but at the gas station too.

You know the world is turning for the better when the gas station frozen pizza selection starts to rival the selections of the most well-stocked grocery stores. Recently a chain typically trusted for grab-and-go cheese stuffed breadsticks, taquitos, and corn dogs started featuring a new favorite gourmet frozen pizza.


My work “pizza posse” had been hyping this new frozen like a hot stock on Wall Street all week long. Pizza enthusiasm can quickly get the best of me, so after work I drove straight for the nearest Kwik-Trip.

As I approached the freezer door and veered in at three fully loaded frozens titled Meat Sweats. Pep Rally. Sausage Palooza I knew the odds were in my favor and it was going to be worth pulling over for Pothole Pizza.

Though, picking up a Pothole Pizza didn’t feel quite like rolling the dice on shares of GameStop stock, it did have my heart rate up. Not because I was nervous but because they looked so epic.

On my first buy-in, I went for the “Meatsweats” pizza. This pie was loaded to the brim with toppings: over-sized sausages (rarely found on frozens), lot’s of thick cut pepperoni, and half-an-inch of a four-cheese blend.

The tastiness of the sauce is at the upper echelon of frozen pizza sauces. The cheese is thick, dare I say even making me reevaluate my allegiance to “Lotzza Motzza” (I know that’s a bold statement). This pizza had me pretty pumped up and I don’t think you can find them outside of Kwik-Trip.

Making smart bets.

With Kwik-Trips all over the surrounding area, this frozen pie will surely become a freezer staple. Thus, my $10 gamble yielded a mighty fine return. Turns out forking out the dough for frozen pizzas carries no financial risk at all and will actually provide dividends of happiness for years to come.

What I’m eating: Pothole Pizza Meatsweats (pepperoni and sausage pizza)

What I’m reading: The Essential Drucker: The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker’s Essential Writings on Management -Peter Drucker


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