The First Pizza of the House

“The pivotal moments in your life are always made up of smaller pieces, things that seemed insignificant at time, but in fact brought you to where you needed to be.” -Elizabeth Norris

After 14 hours of moving into our new home Tess, and I let out an exhausted sigh of relief.  We finally made it, after months of preparation and planning, all of our belongings were in our new pad.  Though we faced a whole lot of unpacking we were delighted to have a night alone together as the kiddos were at grandma and grandpas (no, this is not an erotic twist on the pizza blog!)

Really though, it was no time for joking, we lost track of time…. and…….missed dinner. 

It was nearly 9pm and after our grueling day, we were ready to eat needed to eat.  But, we had one giant stainless steel hurtle, our fridge was completely empty.  We had one last haul to make the following morning and that was to unpack the fridge and freezer.  Our new abode, had no food.

Trekking out for dinner was the last thought on our minds.

It was apparent we needed some delivery and with such a momentous occasion like the first meal in our new home, Luther Law would require pizza.

But, what pizza gets the privilege of the first night in the new house?

Perhaps a pizza spot that could connect us to our roots in Whitewater where we first met in college?  A place with options eclectic enough to stand out in history?

While some folks may get out the smudge sticks to help them spiritually settle into their new home, we opted for a Triple order of Topperstix (extra cheese please!) and a Buffalo Chicken and Mac and Cheese pizza from Toppers Pizza in Fitchburg.IMG-2476

We spared no expense and loaded up on all the dipping sauces.  And one of those sauces was Toppers sweet, tangy and spicy concoction “Boom, Boom Sauce”.

I had heard of Bang, Bang Sauce, I imagine a close cousin that is mayo based and layered with chilis that’s usually relegated for shrimp tacos, but never Boom, Boom.  After one dunk of a stick into that marvelous, creamy, creation and I was sold. 

If you’re a Toppers fan and the ranch, nacho and garlic cup just aren’t cutting it anymore I would suggest venturing into the realm of Boom, Boom. You’re in for a flavor bomb that will surely level up your cheesestick sauce game. 

As Tess and I debated paint swatches over slices and “stix” dunked in Boom, Boom, it became apparent that the new flavors were adding an extra glow to the first night in our new home.  The “stix” and that Boom, Boom were etching the night into stone. 

What pizza taught me:

For those pivotal moments in life, the right pizza (or sauce) can transform your average night into a rite of passage.

What I’m eating: Topper’s Pizza Buffalo Chicken Mac N’ Cheese Pizza and Triple order of Topperstix with Bang, Bang Sauce.

What I’m reading: Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story –Arnold Schwarzenegger


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